wug cavaliers

Wug Cavaliers

The Wug Story

There once was a little girl who was lucky enough to love a dog. Not just any dog. She was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her name was Peggy but the little girl knew her magical name was Wuggo. She was a keeper of secrets, a partner in adventures, a protector against the dangers in the dark and a wagging tail of happiness.


The little girl grew into a woman and was lucky once again to find a Wug. Her name was Squeak. She was a teacher of loving everyday and finding the magic in the world.


The woman's luck grew and grew. She met another woman who loved Cavaliers. Amazingly, her name was Peggy. Of course it was. One day Peggy had a tiny Wug who came home with the woman. Her name was Polly. Polly lived each moment of every day because she didn't have many days to share. She taught the woman it is a joy to share. She gave the woman a friend named Peggy to help her share the love of Wugs with the world.